Simple Living for These People

Simple is subjective

The elements in your lifestyle depend on what’s important to you. Simple is a very subjective word and it’s open to one’s interpretation. What is simple for you may not be simple enough for me.

Last week, I attended a business marketing seminar with my friend, Dyra Razali. We had a good time there and had learned many valuable lessons.

One of the important questions asked to the audience during that seminar was,

“What do you want?’


Minimalism in Malaysia is Lonely

I’ve looked left and right. Being a minimalist in Malaysia can feel pretty lonely.

Let’s look at Facebook, the nearest (right on your phone!) place of more diverse demographic if you compare to other Social Media platforms. A group named Minimalist Life Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesian and Beyond has 300++ members, pretty impressive but that already includes at least three countries. Minimalist Living in Malaysia has 38 members, and I’m the 39th yeay!

Another Facebook page – Minimalist Malaysia has 500++ likes.