Friday Evening, Saturday Morning

If all my other posts sound like I’m doing well and progressing, in this one, I want to sketch certain things that I don’t really favour.

Yesterday, when I was about to pack my things, I got an email. It was WORK, and it was an urgent work on a gloomy Friday evening (cold and raining) when some of my colleagues had already gone for half day.

Well, the work was not so complicated (actually quite fun). I did it with an open heart that when I’ve completed the task, I felt proud to help (or, was it really my job – I’m not sure)

But since it was a bit last minute, I resented that I went home a little bit later than I intended, yet still earlier than a few of my other colleagues who continued staying.

The plot twist is that – I did something wrong, or rather, I missed some details to be edited and highlighted to the team.

To be fair, I did get the hunch that something was not right about it.

Fast forward, in the morning, when I wake up to get some drink in the kitchen, I saw two Whatsapp texts regarding the mistake. They were sent the night before, but I didn’t reach my phone till mid-morning.

So, (it’s sad that) I didn’t go to get my drink, in fact as I’m writing this, I’m still DRY.

What I did was I turned on my laptop, checking what I’ve missed and taking note, admitting, then apologising, and now writing about it here to rant (mostly), to accept the mistake, and to move on.

Bottom line is, office is not my life. It can be cruel and demanding as bad as it wants, but I’m not going to be affected by it.


Rereading this made me realise that it wasn’t so bad after all to even deserve a post here. Enjoy your weekends, everyone.