You Can Never Be a True Minimalist

The quest to be a true minimalist will never end. The reason? Minimalism is very subjective.

Try to think about it. How does the most minimalist person live? I’d say he would be probably naked with no house and car.

Okay, that’s totally extreme. That guy will die within three days – either out of heat, cold or humiliation.

Let’s portray him better with clothes and footwear. Give him a pillow and a blanket to sleep. If he has a place to stay in, how does he eat? Does he have a microwave, a stove in his kitchen, or just a fridge? You see, even to craft this person is an impossible task.

Lately, I’ve been asking myself a lot whether I’m still a minimalist because I have many journals at the moment. COVID-19 staying at home ‘activity’ makes me write a lot. They are mostly depressing thoughts, so the words are meant only for my journals. I’ve finished three notebooks just for daily personal journaling since the Movement Control Order started. As of now, I’ve ordered a few others to be ready once the current notebook I’m writing in, will be out of pages.

To be honest, I feel bad and somewhat guilty. It feels like I can already take off the title from myself.

It makes me relate with people who are already in their journey to simplify their lives, have been practising minimalism in certain aspects, but feeling ashamed to call themselves a minimalist, yet.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But, if not being a minimalist hinder yourself from proactively simplifying your life, I’m here to save and validate you. Here’s your batch (read, a trying minimalist), and welcome to the club. I was just kidding.

My question is;
If you don’t see yourself as a minimalist, does it make it even harder for you to practice minimalism? You know, if you’re waiting to get the title to start, let me tell you that nobody will ever give it. And if you never really start, obviously, simple life is not going to happen to you.

Moreover, those who are minimalist at heart, the title is not even necessary.

Because the other reason you cannot be a true minimalist is that it’s a lifelong journey. You will never reach a point where you settle. As an evolving person, your needs will change. Your situation will change, so your possessions will change too.

So, stop overthinking about it. Know your priority, get rid of the unimportance, clean your space and declutter every now and then. Think carefully before you bring anything home.

Don’t worry about trying to be a minimalist; just be honest to yourself about the things you need in order to live optimally, and practise minimalism.

Stay minimal. Stay optimal.