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Expectation management

Author and neuroscientist Robb Rutledge says, “Happiness depends not on how well things are going but whether things are going better or worse than expected.”

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Letting go is freeing

Letting go shouldn’t be hard. It’s a voluntary choice.

I think I’ve learned about myself a lot by trying to live a simple life and keep my possession and wants to the minimal. Sometimes, I do wonder if I might be missing many things in life by wanting and having less, and afraid my drive to strive is lessen by my contentment of everything around me, along with the fact that I have the urge to always reduce what I already have now.

But, no. So far, not at all. In fact, by freeing my time and space for other stuff I’m not so sure about, I give myself the opportunity to pursue more and work harder on the few important things that remains, such as this blog and writing practice in general.

Writing does play a big part in my life. Writing doesn’t cost money but it contributes to my well being; to my sanity, acts as a form of self-expression and it’s my sense of accomplishment.

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Have you ever talked with someone you trust, and have streams of words to let out, only to get some non-understanding solutions like bullets to your ears (because the person hasn’t listen to the whole story). It’s sad, especially if that person is the only one you have.

Listening is not just, hearing. It’s hearing and understanding with empathy. Good listening will lead to healing for both people of the communication.

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