Is minimalism extreme and radical?

Friends and family that know my minimalism journey always ask me.

“A’ishah, how do you know when to stop de cluttering OR how minimum is finally minimal and ideal? Is it living with only 100 items? Is it living on a backpack? Does it means you can’t own a car, a house and kids?”

Oh boy..

Owning less things is only the result of minimalism but what minimalism really is – the key – is knowing and consistently evaluating our priorities so we can strip away the excess stuff.

Yes, there are guidance of how many things you should need in order for you to live functionally or practically but everyone’s priorities are different. What is necessary and what is considered excess are also different.

It’s fun to know (read blog and watch Youtube) on how people live with their minimum stuff. How many shoes and clothes they have. What are the furnitures they live with. What are the thing they can live without. That can be your inspiration. Also, it goods to know that you’re not alone in this journey.

However, after all, you just need to ask yourself about You. If you are pressured to follow certain minimalist on how they live their life, I guess it beats the purpose of minimalism itself.

For example, a minimalist painter might need 48 colors of acrylic paint while for us who don’t paint at all, why do we keep at home even one color?

I need shawl, 5 or 6 because I wear hijab on daily basis. A boy who only wear scarf during his winter travel once every three years might not need it as much as I do.

So, is minimalism extreme and radical? The answer is NO.

Last day of long leave

I’m so nervous for tomorrow as if it’s my first day of work, ever.

I just want to document my feelings today.

  1. I don’t know what am I doing with my life.
  2. It’s hard to be an adult.
  3. I’m grateful to have my children with me until today. A & H.
  4. I’m grateful to be alive, wise and not crazy, healthy and pretty, have things to eat, a shelter that I love to be in, a good car that take me to many many places, surrounded by people who love me and care for me, surrounded by good people who always remind me of Allah SWT.
  5. I’m grateful to still be able to do things that I love like writing, and watching Youtube (that’s quite funny to be written here)
  6. I’m grateful to always love the creative process like it’s my fuel.
  7. I’m grateful for the experience of this long leave – to be able to rest (now goodbye to enough and luxurious sleep), spend more time with my kids, write, do hijab modelling, speak to people about minimalism, meet new people, use more time and energy for tarbiyyah. I’m grateful for the experience of super slow living, I’m gonna miss this so much.

.. as far as I love to think that my life is a struggle, I’m pretty much on the easier road compare to many people. All the best tomorrow, A’ishah.

It’s not a big deal. It’s not a big deal. Everyone goes to office every day. Hahah.

Minimalism with Kids

This is a broad subject to be discussed about, but today I want to share what I keep at home for the kids.

  1. A box of toys – most of them are from Happy Meals. Also a nerf gun, little ponies and Lego. We haven’t bought any toys for the longest time (exc. Happy Meals which are free) It was hard at first because I was used to always give my kids what they want. Now, whenever we go to the groceries or supermarket, I will let them buy one item each with capped price (to still give them the freedom of choice to shop) and luckily it’s always ice-cream, yogurt, lollipops or soda.
  2. Art supply because H loves art so much. So, we have glue and scissors, art block, color pencils, crayons and watercolor which we take out to use almost every day.
  3. Clothing – I never count their clothes but basically both of them have double of what I have. I believe that they are still minimal because A will have no pants at the end of the week if I don’t do any laundry in between. A & H only have one pair of footwear each at my place. They have more when they are with their father.
  4. Books and workbooks – I’m still in the process of de-cluttering these so we still have many books on the shelves. I realize that we actually don’t need so much. Earlier this month, I pick two workbooks for each of them and decided to only focus on that books, I hide all the other workbooks. The result is better, we are more consistent to do the workbooks together than when we think we have more choices and resources.
  5. Gadgets – We don’t have TV at home. The kids have one hand phone each where they watch Youtube, listen to songs and play Minecraft and other games (A also plays Fortnite, Mobile Legend and Roblox). H loves to use her phone to take pictures. The phones are always their babysitter when the situation is out of my control – and this is not a confession.