Write Well and Be a Writer

So you write well and want to be a writer?

How to be a writer

You want to be a writer but still asking yourself whether or not should you be one. Stop it.

1. Admit, accept, declare

The first step to becoming a writer is – to admit passionately that you are a writer. Embrace your passion and tell your closest family and friends. Tell everyone if you like. Believe in yourself and your message – your voice needs to be heard and the writing needs to be done. Accepting that you’re a writer will motivate you to write more and better.

2. No TV

This might be random but secondly, throw away your TV.

If you’re just starting out as a writer, your television should be the first thing to go. It’s “poisonous to creativity,” (Stephen King)

Also disconnect yourself with any potential distractions i.e internet, your phone or a friend (#imsorry) and Netflix.

3. Focus

Don’t try to write about everything, at least not at the same time. Have a focus. Know your niche and your style. Write a topic or a chapter and write about it as much as possible for a set period of time.

This also applies to the long term focus. Limit yourself to write for just a couple area of expertise. It’s an easier way to get recognized. Your readers will know they can rely on you for that specific knowledge.

4. Write everyday

Write when the ideas are flowing. Write even more when there’s nothing to write. This post is written because I’ve lost my momentum since last weekends and didn’t write for over a week.

So I just, write. (actually not knowing where I was going at first)

5. Write for yourself

Write to give value to people and to inspire others but more importantly, write for yourself.

Like this post of mine, it’s written for me who didn’t write anything for a week and it’s for all of you who are just like me, people who lose their writing voices. It’s for us who are not sure whether or not to be a writer.

Having that thoughts, whether you’re good enough to even write like a war inside your head already says that you’re one of us. Keep writing and believe you can write and that you’re really (and already) a writer.

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