Bare minimum

We don’t need the latest one million dollar invention to make changes in our life.

People love to think that a new page must be marked by physical things to bless the ritual, like the drastic new hair cut you get when you decide to move on from a break-up, or more functionally – a new camera for you to be able to take good photos or a pay rise to start donating.

Like myself, I always feel that a new notebook can make me more organised and happy (even with piles of unfinished notebooks that keep stacking in my drawers to last for more than a lifetime).

The truth is, we can always start to be better with whatever we already have.

I tried to list down things I can’t live without.

(Here’s my process. Start with imagining myself in a zombie apocalypse world, what is the bare minimum?)

#1 Glasses and/or contact lenses

I am short-sighted, with a prescription degree of -5.25 dioptres for both sides. My first ‘need’ when I wake up every day is the aid to see clearly. So I need my glasses. During the day, I wear contact lenses because they feel more comfortable and make me look prettier. For the apocalypse, glasses will do.

#2 Phone and/or laptop

 I want to be able to write every day, and of course consume, i.e. reading, listening to audio content and watching videos. The consuming part needs at least my phone, and creating is always done with my laptop. Whenever my laptop is not accessible, i.e. during commuting and when I’m out and about, I create with my phone.

#3 Pen and paper

I think with pen and paper. I communicate with pen and paper. I work with pen and paper. They are my lovers (if you haven’t known me already). If the time ever come when we can’t use electronics anymore, I pray that pen and paper will always be there. For the apocalypse, you can slash #2 (phone and/or laptop)

#4 Shariah compliance clothing

A necessity – I need clothing to cover my body, pray and go out to see the world.

For shoes, perhaps I can live with a pair of slippers. (Malaysia’s climate being equatorial, hot and humid throughout the year, you don’t really need shoes unless you’re the jungle people. Oh well, jungle people are probably bare-footed.)

#5 Bedding

While listing this down, my body is surged with gratefulness because all my life, I always sleep on a comfortable bed and setting that I can’t imagine myself sleeping on the floor, or thinly layered and uncomfortable bedding with no privacy. At the very least, I need some space or corner that I can call my own. For the apocalypse, I will sleep under the bridge alone, or in an old big cupboard, or maybe under a big table.

#6 Beauty products

The brands don’t matter but since I’ve been practicing a pretty consistent skincare routine (at least cleanser and moisturiser), they are a part of my life.

So, this is my bare minimum and whenever I’m making excuses of things I don’t have with me in order to progress in life, I remind myself of this list.

/No, nobody will survive the apocalypse when it’s going to happen/

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