Writing for Myself

Today, I edited my ‘now page’.

A ‘now page’ tells readers what a person is focused on, at a specific point in their life. I would like to thank Derek Sivers for starting the ‘now page’ trend as I have benefited and achieved many targets through it. You should make one too, whether on your website, social media accounts bio or in your planner.

We all have many goals that we want to achieve throughout our lives. They can feel overwhelming and impossible to grasp if they are scattered in our mind, existed in lost inspirations, and buried by our unceasing routines and personal issues.

The first step is to write down your goals. For me, writing them down allows us to see, touch, and feel the desires that keep running in our head. Prioritizing them comes after that, and it’s the most crucial step to get them executed, one by one. We can’t have everything to be in our priority at once. We can’t climb too many mountains at once.

The key is to limit the goals you’re working on as the current focus, like in the ‘now page’.

Early this year, my ‘now’ focus is to get myself hired as a fulltime writer. Alhamdulillah, early this month, I am hired as a writer in the same company that took me as a geophysicist seven years ago. It was a year-long process to get here, but I’ve persevered.

Every day is an exciting day to be dancing with words now, though I still need to pace up in understanding the work style in my new department. To be honest, it’s tough. It feels as if I may get fired anytime, but I try to keep a positive attitude. My mantra is, “I’m calm in a storm. I am the storm.”

I forgive myself and understand that this is a transition period. It’s like an internship of my non-existence qualification in English or Communications. What I have is the experience to inspire people through my writings, and I should stand by that. What I also have is a group of colleagues who are very supportive and keep cheering me up to deliver my work and I’m very very grateful for them.

It’s not even a month yet and waking up every day feels like a constant euphoria to discover what I can do and learn here.

I realise that I need to improve, not just in my writing, but in my communication skills generally. Therefore, here in my blog, I would like to make it a commitment to write at least 300 words daily for myself again on top of my work as writer at the office. Hopefully with that, eventually, the practice of writing comes easier for me.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Thank you for reading.

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