When You’re Feeling Stuck

The most important lesson I’ve learned from last year is

Feeling stuck takes you further, to a place you never thought existed.

It’s a feeling that you feel when you’ve been staying at one place for too long. A place, not necessarily horrible but imagine standing still at the same spot, seeing the same thing, getting your limbs so stiff and have your flesh decayed. This is just an imagery because feeling stuck ‘feels’ worst than being caged with no food, human contact and sense of time.

But again, feeling stuck is just a ‘feeling’.  In reality, we can always do something.

It’s not easy as it may sound because I know how it actually feels. Whatever you do, doesn’t seem to change anything, even when you think you have done all the measures on the list.

This post in not telling you how to unstuck yourself, the key is in your hands. But I can share you 3 things to remember to ease your journey. These things have moved me little by little one at a time, going further to a beautiful place I never thought existed.

Let go of your ideal life

Sometimes we are getting too carried away with ideals and perfectionism. It makes us depressed. A goal too high always seems unattainable and miracles don’t happen to everyone. For example, million dollars and prince charming don’t always fall from the sky.

You may be feeling stuck because you are always in your own head, worrying and obsessing. It may be that your perfect life is something different, something you’ve never imagined and feeling stuck is just one step away from discovering it.

So, sometimes it’s best to give up, and just embrace your current spot. Be calm. Be content. Be patient.


When you feel bad, most of the time you are not aware of your feelings but there are impulses struggling and resisting inside.

I write all the things in my head onto paper when I feel overwhelmed. I pour every little detail, the bad and ugly – uncensored. It makes me self-aware of my own emotions and the pattern of my reaction to circumstances.

Writing things down is not just therapeutic. It’s a thinking process. It’s visualizing my thoughts in the physic world and helps me see them in a different angle so I can see the loopholes clearer.

Pro tips: You can always throw the paper later if you worry people will find it.

Do the smallest thing

Write a list of things that you can do to change your life. Start with the smallest step and celebrate every ‘move’. Sometimes, you don’t have the clear picture of how these micro-movements will bring you. Listen to your heart with gratitude. Just remember and feel that




That’s all from me, I really hope I have helped someone today. Whatever you’re feeling, remember that you’re not alone. Talk to you later.

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