Union Jack Journey

Yesterday was finally a quite laid back day at the office, though I still forgot to have lunch. It was Friday.

The day before, I wrote this.

It feels so chaotic lately that the only way I could use some space to meditate*, is on my coffee mug journey.

*inhale and exhale in complete cycles, without a train of uncomfortable thoughts and awaiting summons

It’s the walkway from my desk to the pantry, holding my Union Jack mug, pressing the Kopetro coffee vending machine, waiting for at least 15 seconds, taking the paper cup then pouring the content into the bigger mug, adding some hot water to dilute it, optionally saying a quick hi to whoever at the pantry before walking back to my desk.

The coffee mug journey includes the view of the interns’ workstations (oh you guys are so lucky to be clueless and not knowing even what to chat about among each other anymore). Also, the Governance and Capability teams, followed by the Photographer and Videographer workstations – passing each one with a complete cycle of breath.

As long as nothing barbaric happen here, this will always be my place of peace.

Tried to draw my Union Jack earlier in January. Btw, buying this mug was random and not that I was fanatic about UK or anything..

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