Ummi’s Advice on Self-Care

My mom loves to give advice to her children.

She shares lots of good ones around many aspects. It is the truth of her every word that our seven siblings learn and confirm throughout our lives. She is hardly wrong.

I appreciate the thoughts she always has for us. Once a while, we get her halaqah and IKIM program’s notes via Whatsapp.

“Thanks for sharing, I love you Ummi”, I reply before I barely read them. Most of the time, I do not return to study those notes.

Yet there is one thing she said during my teenage years I always remember,

“Whenever you’re feeling down and not motivated to do anything, go make yourself pretty.

– you don’t necessarily need to shower. Just go to the sink, brush your teeth, wash your face, change the clothes into something you love, put on moisturiser, powder, lipstick and eyeliner.”

The advice ended there.

What she meant to continue was,

“You will feel better”, and I only know that because I’ve followed that advice and have experienced great outcomes from it.

A decade later, a book called, ‘Girl, wash your face’ came out.

Though I haven’t read that book, I believe it contains a similar essence – the psychological effect of getting ready – the importance of making self-care, a priority.

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