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Ummi Qadeer

Tonight, other than writing this quick post, I spent the last 2 hours helping my sister Fathimah Azzaharah whom I call Kakak, with her Shaklee business blog.

Her blog titled, Ummi Qadeer

(Abdul Qadeer is the name of her third child and only son)

Helped her getting a domain and hosting, then migrated her blog from Blogger to WordPress. Also did some basic editing on her theme, configuring the widgets and navigation. It’s quicker this time, because I already know how to do it and when I’ve finished and showed her the final result, she said,

Best gila, suka sangat..

Aww #sparkjoy

I guess, I enjoy doing this thing so much – setting up blogs. That’s why I love doing changes back and forth and trying out different things on my blog. Now that I realise this, perhaps I should stop punching my own blog and channeling my energy into helping other people. And yes, I’m going to help a friend setting up her blog probably after the Eid. Can’t wait.

It’s fun ‘working’ with Kakak though we really just communicated through Whatsapp. Along the process, she was also in a war with her 3 kids. Kakak just started her blog for about 2 to 3 months and for a new blog, I can say that hers are pretty impressive in term of the content. Her consistency in writing about ‘one topic’ really inspires me. I should do that better.

But her formatting? Not so. My eyes ache and since now that I have her login ID and password, I might return to do some ‘standardization’.. #ocd. Getting a post formatted, aligned and nice is actually very therapeutic to me.

I’m officially my sister’s website support now.

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