Umi dah mayam

It’s 4:19 am in the morning, and I’m up, bothered about H. She’s staying with me now and I can’t express how happy and colorful my life is right now to have her with me every single day.

But today, the babysitter at the nursery told me that she hardly understands anything that H talks about and H, she talks a lot. I guess, only the family understands the secret language. A used to have some speech delay too, he’s been improving a lot lately though he still has some weak pronunciation here and there. I feel like a failed mom. H is 3 years old and A is 6 this year

Is it something about me? I think yes. I understand the secret language. I translate them to other people. I do let them know that they are pelat, but in a very subtle way because I don’t want to hurt their feelings. I correct them in a very subtle way too. Sometimes, I don’t correct them at all because I don’t want to spoil the fun that we were in, like when they are so excited to tell me stories – I don’t want to stop them. Something like that, if you can imagine it.

I woke up reading a blog (Ruby Speech Therapy) and I think I’ve learned a lot from it. I should make this a serious thing and try to discipline myself doing the recommendations, or maybe I should go and see a speech therapist to expedite the process. Yes.

(I can go back to sleep now)

Umi dah mayam = Umi, dah malam (Umi, it’s already night)

pelat = lisp

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