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Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk about my favorite podcast series on Spotify. I’ve learned a lot from them so I want to give some recommendations to all of you. I promise you, if this is the first time you hear about podcast, you’re gonna thank me for writing this. Before I proceed,

What is a podcast?

It is simply a digital audio file on the internet.

For me, it’s like a Youtube channel without the videos/images. Or a recorded radio program which you can access anytime you like. Or a blog being read aloud to you, like an audiobook.

and why do I like listening to the podcast?

I have many many reasons but my number one factor is multitasking – I can listen to it while doing something else. It’s my favorite time-filler in the traffic jam. I don’t listen to anymore, not to the crappy calls and random music.

I put my headphones on early in the morning whenever I’m doing mundane chores like washing the dishes, sweep the room, or ironing.

Sometimes, I also listen to the podcast in the office when I do the task that doesn’t need too much thinking and focus such as refining seismic interpretation.

Where to listen?

There are thousands of podcast out there for you to explore in various platforms. I choose Spotify because it’s actually the only subscription I have on top of my mobile data. It’s my only source of entertainment other than Youtube and mindless scrolling on Social Media.

I don’t have Wifi at home. I have NO TV so obviously NO cable, NO ASTRO, NO HyppTV, NO Netflix or Iflix and by the way, this is not sponsored. But Spotify has a narrowed down choices of podcast series so they never disappoint me.

Other famous platforms that you can look into are the Apple Podcast, Google Play Music, PocketCast, and OverCast. You can also listen to podcast directly from the website of the content source (on any browser).

So these are

My Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify for Personal Development:-

1. Optimal Living Daily

2. Love Your Works – Creative Habits

3. The Minimalists Podcast

4. The Art of Charm

5. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Check them out if you have time and I also would like to know what are your favorites, share them in the comment down below. I’m sorry because I’m a little late to publish but hopefully you’ve learned something from me today. Bye!

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  1. I followed AOC and Gary V. Will check Optimal Living Daily and Love Your Works! Minimalists folks, I feel there’s so much minimalism you can talk about. So, passing that. Thanks for writing this!

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