Three Things, One Is a Lie

I first played this game at Bill Moran‘s poetry workshop, it was for the ice breaking activity (I didn’t break any ice though). I sat and hide my face silently, I probably came with way too personal things to start with, my feet got cold.

We were required to list down three facts about ourselves and one among those, is not true, almost right or the thing we wish to happen but didn’t or haven’t, and the audience will guess which one is that thing. The Lie.

I remember a lie from one of the participants. She said she does yoga every day in the morning. The truth is, she used to do yoga every morning. Now, not anymore and she kinda hopes she could do that again.

There’s actually a (poetry) lesson behind this activity, besides it being a warm-up session – a ‘lie’ in our writing/poem is an act of breaking the walls in our story or idea, where our creativity expands beyond the normalcy. I think we already do this a lot without us realizing it. For example, when we write about flying or killing. Magic and cosmic elements. Or describing a person who leaves, as very cruel or very divine, with made-up justifications. Imagination. Hyperbole. Added up or subtracted details – which make the story more interesting.

It really makes sense and since that, whenever I feel stuck in my writing, I just push and break some walls further and further (and sometimes get people worried about me) Gosh I’m OK. I’m just writing. Chill lah.

Anyway, I had fun listening to other people’s three facts at that workshop but were not brave enough to share mine. Like I said, mine were too personal and probably too short. For me, details, make a dishonesty more obvious. If you manage to come here and read this post, I suppose you like and love me enough to follow me this far so I reveal to you my ‘three facts, one is a lie’.

Two children
Two husbands
Two mothers

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