Three Drinks Storyteller

I had an interesting day today at the office with the storytellers, people from the agency we’re working with for our festive campaigns.

One of them had three different drinks in front of her in the meeting room.

One. A striking orange paper cup with contrasting bear icon/cartoon on two sides. Coffee, I supposed.
Two. A minimalist water bottle with greenish water and a tea-bag in it.
Three. McCafe disposable plastic glass, empty. She probably had ice latte in the morning. My colleague, Hidayah, who set up the meeting, ordered McDonald’s breakfast for everyone.

There was also a vaper, her phone too big that people would’ve mistaken it as a power bank and a bigger spiral notebook unlike others’ in the room which mostly were in A5 size. Her notebook was the biggest, and I wonder what she wrote in it.

While presenting her proposal, her energy was 100% packed with emotions and body movements. Her knee-long cardigan moved swiftly like a shear curtain as she jumped front and back, and her tattooed hands swung – sometimes like the growing smokes and sometimes like the flapping wings. That time, I realised most stories I’ve heard these two weeks involves a lot of sound-making, and hers were no exception.

Pfff pfff. swishy swish. ding dong. bum bum.

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