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The kind of writer

The first step to become a writer is to admit, passionately that you are a writer.

But there are too many kind. Sometimes, I get confused with myself.

I know that I am my own writer duhh. Journal-er, probably not so much of a journalist if you get what I mean. I write my own book of life. For myself.

I also write love, in all forms – and above all, the unheard voice of a broken heart – like most of my poetry

I’m obsessed with intentional language oddness, in which it means something else – according to my perception. But it’s not something everyone would read and understand. They might think, my language is bad.

Sometimes I write to inspire people too, as much as I love to read self-help pieces myself. So, I try my best to get to the common Malay/English language on how-to, reviews and general insights. To be honest, it’s hard. Sometimes it makes me cringed and cry. But it’s the most satisfying feeling to be able to add value to others.

That. is what I think I am – as a writer

Knowing the kind of writer you are can help you to focus on your ‘expertise’. It’s good to explore different styles and approach but doing it blindly can be pretty exhausting.

I found this test, and decided to take it for fun  What Kind of Writer Are You?

And this is my result:-

Paulo Coelho
You are… Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist, among many other soulful masterpieces.

You write because you feel a deeper calling to the work, and because you want to explore the soul element of life.

You’re not shy of adding a moral to the story and most want to reach readers who will understand your unique view on life. Writing is more than just putting words on paper for you – it’s a written prayer.


Yeah, you bet.

I haven’t read Alchemist yet to be honest, what a shame.

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