Things I Own: Shawls

Early this year, I share the list of Everything I Own on this blog. The number, however, it’s not yet final because I’m still in the process of purging my stuff. In conjunction with my effort to complete the count, I’m going to make a series of Things I Own posts, each written based on one category or the sub-category of my possessions.

Let’s start with shawls.

I wear hijab as an act of faith and in this country where I live in, the Muslim women wear different styles of hijab i.e. shawls of different fabric materials, instant hijab, and square scarves. It could be plain, floral or patterned. You’ll be overwhelmed if I try to name and describe them all.


Everything I Own

Who doesn’t like to read this kind of post from the minimalist? Here are my favourites from the famous ones:-

Counting your possessions is not about having x number of items to qualify yourself as a minimalist. It’s about being aware of your consumption. It’s about taking inventory of things around you – to sit down and think whether they serve a purpose or not. It’s learning about yourself, your needs and your lifestyle.