Cell Phones Still Own Us

Relationship with cell phones

In the world without boundary, our relationship with the cell phones is a major key factor affecting our productivity.

I may have quoted this here before, but it’s right on again with the context of this post.

The things you own end up owning you. It’s only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything. (Chuck Palahniuk,¬†Fight Club)

Our possessions are supposed to make our life easier. However, there are certain things that we own and depending on our relationship with them, divert us from doing tasks we are supposed to do.


How My First Two Weeks Looked Like

The place I used to work at, we update our progress by Thursday weekly so the team leader could present it on Friday. Then, the boss will further present the team to the bigger boss next Monday, and so on and so forth – you know the drill.

It’s my third week¬†working resting at home. I mostly showered once every two days, prepared/ate whatever instant and fast food available in the fridge, drank a lot of coffee to stay awake not to write but binge-watch Netflix (which I later uninstalled from my phone)

PSA: If anyone ever offers or talks you into Netflix, by any means run as far as you can, no joke!