How My First Two Weeks Looked Like

The place I used to work at, we update our progress by Thursday weekly so the team leader could present it on Friday. Then, the boss will further present the team to the bigger boss next Monday, and so on and so forth – you know the drill.

It’s my third week working resting at home. I mostly showered once every two days, prepared/ate whatever instant and fast food available in the fridge, drank a lot of coffee to stay awake not to write but binge-watch Netflix (which I later uninstalled from my phone)

PSA: If anyone ever offers or talks you into Netflix, by any means run as far as you can, no joke!

I also let H ditch school for two days within the first week, just slacking at home, lazing around, making art and playing house. Then, due to the General Election, we only had two working/school days in the following week.

So, the first two weeks for me? Nah-uh. Not so productive.

What I did during my five working days?

30-day Minimalism Game

If you read my previous post, you know I already tried the #minsgame before but failed. This is my third time doing the challenge and hopefully, I will survive and complete the whole month.

It feels good because not only I manage to carry out the challenge, I also successfully decluttered some ‘stubborn’ area in my house and arranged the bookshelves that had been a mess for quite some time.

My goal is to have my third room that is full of unknown shit to be cleared so I could turn it into my new workstation, or perhaps the minimalist bedroom – if A and H agree to let me sleep alone. Why not? I am big enough and let’s not ask them about it.

Wrote two blog posts

I am not so proud mentioning this because my actual target is to write at least three posts every week. I only managed to write an average of one.

Let’s try harder this week.

Still addicted to my phone and social media

Because I didn’t write so much on this blog, I tweeted daily and shared some quick writing on my Facebook page to maintain my writing habit. I also accidentally wrote few poems on Twitter and later posted them on Instagram.

(The real reason is simple and actually the other way round, I spend most of my time on social media. Therefore, I’m a bit slow over here)

Found new podcast

Currently listening to Create if Writing podcast on Spotify and I’m loving it!

If you want to learn about how writers, bloggers and creative types can do promotion and platform-building online, this is definitely a good place to start.


    • Celebrated A’s and my mom’s birthday as well as the mother’s day earlier on the voting day because all my siblings were at home that time.
    • Joined my university friend to take part in Quiz of Majlis Tilawah Al-Quran (Petronas Kuala Lumpur level). It was a great experience though we only got the 5th place out of 10 teams.
    • Dragged my friend, Halifah Masturah to go to a business talk by my another friend, Dyra Razali – I’m so proud of her. We’ve learned a lot from her session.

And so, that’s basically how my first two weeks looked like. I think it’s good for me to record and share my progress of this new journey every once in a while. Let me know in the comment down below if you would like to read this kind of post in the future.

I wish myself and everyone a (more) productive week ahead. Toodles!