Going to buy office wear NOT

Hi again (after so long).

I’ll be back to the office after my six months leave, this Thursday.. OMG.

As expected, I’m not so excited about it because I was actually planning to either extend my leave or resign my job. My problem is I don’t have enough money to survive now. So yeah, I need the job. Please pray that they won’t fire me upon my arrival.

My saving is at its last dollars and my earning from writing and hijab modeling cannot really help with that. Ugh, I have to admit that I don’t work hard enough for my writing career, and modeling for a rookie and awkward like me? Doesn’t pay much. I’m really happy that I progress a lot with modeling but let’s be honest. I’m not famous, not fair nor Korean-like – umm yes that’s what they like. Also, I’m already 30 and that’s old fyi. So, modelling on the side now. (more…)

Things I Own: Shawls

Early this year, I share the list of Everything I Own on this blog. The number, however, it’s not yet final because I’m still in the process of purging my stuff. In conjunction with my effort to complete the count, I’m going to make a series of Things I Own posts, each written based on one category or the sub-category of my possessions.

Let’s start with shawls.

I wear hijab as an act of faith and in this country where I live in, the Muslim women wear different styles of hijab i.e. shawls of different fabric materials, instant hijab, and square scarves. It could be plain, floral or patterned. You’ll be overwhelmed if I try to name and describe them all.


Summary of Things I Consumed This Week


I found an interesting video on TEDTalk about procrastinators. That’s what I do – procrastinating by watching videos about procrastination.

This one is different. I love how the speaker, Tim Urban explains what’s inside our mind in an easily understandable cute cartoon – the instant gratification monkey and the panic monster.

The playful monkey makes us choose instant gratification over hard work, while the monster takes care of us by making us panic and do the work. The monkey is afraid of the monster, because who isn’t afraid of a monster? The monster, however, will only come around dateline. No dateline, no monster.