My Personal Story on Taking Risk: The Why and Trigger

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Many people ask me the reason behind my sabbatical – why am I taking this six-month unpaid leave.

The trigger

I actually planned to either quit my job or take a long unpaid leave since a year ago. The trigger point was my last year’s technical assessment – that I obviously didn’t do well. First of all, I hate to blame the assessment style or the system. Here, I will just admit myself. It is my own weakness and ignorance towards the list of things that I need to know within and around my job scope.


How My First Two Weeks Looked Like

The place I used to work at, we update our progress by Thursday weekly so the team leader could present it on Friday. Then, the boss will further present the team to the bigger boss next Monday, and so on and so forth – you know the drill.

It’s my third week working resting at home. I mostly showered once every two days, prepared/ate whatever instant and fast food available in the fridge, drank a lot of coffee to stay awake not to write but binge-watch Netflix (which I later uninstalled from my phone)

PSA: If anyone ever offers or talks you into Netflix, by any means run as far as you can, no joke!


Write Well and Be a Writer

So you write well and want to be a writer?

How to be a writer

You want to be a writer but still asking yourself whether or not should you be one. Stop it.

1. Admit, accept, declare

The first step to becoming a writer is – to admit passionately that you are a writer. Embrace your passion and tell your closest family and friends. Tell everyone if you like. Believe in yourself and your message – your voice needs to be heard and the writing needs to be done. Accepting that you’re a writer will motivate you to write more and better.