Summary of Things I Consumed This Week


I found an interesting video on TEDTalk about procrastinators. That’s what I do – procrastinating by watching videos about procrastination.

This one is different. I love how the speaker, Tim Urban explains what’s inside our mind in an easily understandable cute cartoon – the instant gratification monkey and the panic monster.

The playful monkey makes us choose instant gratification over hard work, while the monster takes care of us by making us panic and do the work. The monkey is afraid of the monster, because who isn’t afraid of a monster? The monster, however, will only come around dateline. No dateline, no monster.

I enjoyed and understand a lot from the video. Plus, the speaker is funny, handsome and pleasing to watch too.

His theory explains why it takes a long time for us to start a long-term task but still capable to complete the task within one day before its due date.

Watching that video, I’m sure as hell that my wheel is taken care by a monkey right now.. because when is my due date again?

TEDTalk | Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator (Click to watch the video)

From there, of course, I went to find his blog Wait But Why and fall in love instantly. He has massive followings, I wonder why I never encountered him before. I read the whole four-part series on Elon Musk’s companies. – just. mind. blowing.

Elon Musk’s stories have always been interesting but Tim’s writing about him is exceptional.


As usual, I listen to a lot of podcast episodes. My favorite this week is Podcast 133 by The Minimalists titled Constraints. In this episode, Joshua and Ryan discuss the upside of constraints, the freedom of limitations, and the flexibility of nonstandard lifestyles. This episode came out just at the right time for me.

This month being my first month without the usual income actually stress me out (on top of other things that tag along with my new life and routine), how I wish I could explain.

So, this episode opens my eyes and boosts my spirit to resiliently create something more out of what I’m lacking. Seriously, go listen to this inspirational podcast episode.


Other than that, I also took some time to discover local famous bloggers. To be honest, I don’t really do blog-walking here (in Malaysia, as if it’s spatial duhh). It does feel lonely and I don’t know what other people like me are doing especially in my country, bloggers are mostly lifestyle bloggers who review products and services. Except, I am absolutely wrong about that.

These are some of the recent sites I just added to my WordPress Readers; Aida Azlin, Dear Sarina, and Asma’ Nasa. They might be slightly different from what I’m working on here but they are very enjoyable to read and mostly fall into one category; insightful lifestyle blogs worth reading from Malaysia – I made that up. But actually, it’s pretty accurate.

Youtube Videos

The last two on my summary list are random Youtube videos – oh my only source of entertainment. I don’t have TV at home, uninstalled Netflix after not more than a month binge-watching there like crazy and ruined my life, and.. I don’t have anything else.

My favorites this week are How Our Childhoods Affect Our Adult Lives and The One Thing Only 1% of People Do.

I discussed what I learned from the first video with many people; my siblings, my parents and my friends,. It’s the mysteries I’ve been wondering a lot all my life – things we are not aware of ourselves, things we’re not sure where they come from and things that are hard to be changed. It also makes me realize that how I am today will give tremendous effect to my kids in many ways I could ever imagine.

The second video hits me right. It’s about self-love and self-discipline.

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