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Successful, great artist

My friends never really leave comment on my posts but it doesn’t mean they don’t read.

My poetry postings often worry them. I’m lucky to have such a caring circle. So, to my best, I will try to convince that I’m totally sane. Not as psycho and depressed as some of my writings seem to sound..

“I’m just expressing my thoughts. Or maybe trying to appreciate and to embrace some feelings, using them to create writing entries that I could look back to”. It’s my favorite respond to the people who comment on how sad my poetry is.

Once a friend, replied to me that,

That’s what great artists do… turning bad experience into tops hit songs and bestseller books

(..oh yes. Do not forget that most of them ended up committing suicide)

The conversation with the same friend, went on into different subject of life. Family, kids, work. Then, I came to confess, that I was so demotivated with my current job. And then, she told me.

It’s OK my dear. Successful people are usually not so prestigious at their first job.

That boost my spirit. Thank you! Some people I hang out with, (especially this one) are very optimist. That’s why I love spending time with them. So I hope I AM really that great artist or/and the successful people my friend was talking about. And hopefully not just a depressed and demotivated employee.

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