Slightly wrong

When I wrote this post, I just started my personal goal to write daily poetry – that time, I probably have little idea of how big the community of poets are there on the net and how awesome and talented you guys are.

Since that post, I’ve read and prompted myself to write various styles of poetry and always very eager to explore. I definitely have tonnes to learn but I guess I’ve seen enough to have my perspective changed. Thank you for sharing your writings and I appreciate your tremendous support towards my poems! I’m very happy to receive generous and constructive feedbacks from all of you, (and I’ve given some too, I hope you like them)

I have to say that I really enjoy these 3 – 4 months of me writing/reading poetry on Social Media – Instagram and Twitter. Pretty recently, I just joined several Facebook Groups of aspiring poets and it’s honestly so refreshing and fun to learn about other people who are just like me, people who have voices in their head they can’t wait to bleed on papers (and screens).

I’m writing this quick post to let you know, how (slightly)* wrong was I with the previous post, the way I saw poets on Instagram as two major groups. (Oh you, A’ishah. Silly)

*pardon my egoistic side of self

It’s hard to explain how my 3 – 4 months experience brings me to this post. But today my point is, I don’t think #poetsofinstagram are divided into ‘poet’ poets and the famous poets. All of us are poets and I enjoy us all. Keep writing!

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