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The other day it happened at least a dozen times. In the last four years I have gone through two VCR/DVD players, three phones, two microwaves, numerous lamps, and now my car is reacting to this. Source

This is relatable. Finally someone says that it’s not bad spirit or some kind of poltergeist thingy.

Recently, many things around me start to fail (again), or at least, they love making problem in in-explainable trend.

My car, my laptop, my workstation at the office and handphone ventured at being funny to me, and it’s not the first time this phenomenon happen in my life.

Light bulbs explode many times in front of my eyes. My workstation at the office shut down itself as if it’s its hobby, or maybe just trying to make me rest. I crashes PETREL on weekly basis until it doesn’t bother me anymore (I just need to quit my job, right?)

Oh yes, I remember. Even the workstation when I was volunteering at the AOGC shut down itself and it was the only station being affected among other 12 and when the technicians came, they said it was a trip. Just right at my f-ing chair and table?

My car started to make problems. The bluetooth sometimes work, sometimes not. Water leaks on one day and the next day being fine, this is the most ridiculous among all. Sometimes overheating. It makes me question my decision of buying this car (I don’t wanna say regret, I f-ing loveee the baby). It was perfectly fine when I first got it. Is this coincidence?

To tell you the truth, this doesn’t worry me as much as my laptop is messing up with me right now. (Because I need to writee!) I’m typing this on my phone and thank you very much it’s in OK mood now.

The laptop went to the repair at the very first few months of its existence. Then twice. Maybe three times. And this one was f-ing brand new when I got it. Now the keyboard has feeling. Sometimes, I can’t press certain keys. It doesn’t come out. The M. The I.

F.I.C.K fish!

I don’t wanna dig more about this as how much I’ve read on lucid dreaming before. Is this just my mindset that I’m supposed to have all the weird things people have no idea about?

And if so, or not. Am I a slider?

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