Who Needs Simple Living?

Simple is subjective

The elements in your lifestyle depend on what’s important to you. Simple is a very subjective word and it’s open to one’s interpretation. What is simple for you may not be simple enough for me.

Last week, I attended a business marketing seminar with my friend, Dyra Razali. We had a good time there and had learned many valuable lessons.

One of the important questions asked to the audience during that seminar was,

What do you want?

So I told Dyra that I want to spread the awareness about simple living and minimalism – how it can solve most of our problems. Minimalism is already a trend worldwide but not yet in the country where I live in.

I asked her, “Do you think people want to be like me (a minimalist)?”

She shook her head, almost saying no. I was a little frustrated with her reaction. Perhaps, I haven’t done a good job in delivering this message.

Nobody wants to be a minimalist?

I told her that, YES minimalism is not for everyone. But there are certain people who might need it and I’m gonna reach them.

People who are overwhelmed with their life. People who have so many stuff in their house and have trouble cleaning and organizing them. People who hold on to things that don’t spark joy, like ugly decorative items, TV they don’t watch and toxic relationships.

Also, those with spending habits, have mountains of debt and financial problems. Those who want to leave their job but couldn’t, because they have many commitments (that include daily takeout coffee/juice and shopping for clothing and makeup every month, which are so ironic right?)

I’ve been one of these people once, and minimalism saves me. So I know this is what we need, and I’m not even selling this to anyone. It’s free. It’s free for everyone!

Simple Living vs Minimalism

Simple living covers a number of voluntary lifestyle changes to simplify our life. Minimalism is one of the voluntary practices – to reduce possessions to the optimal and increase self-sufficiency.

There is no exact number of items to be owned to qualify you as a minimalist. Minimalism is really, defined by your priority and values. Those who practice simple living and minimalism is generally content and satisfied with whatever they have.

Call it what you want, simplicity, minimalism, life-edited, and then put it into action. Sure you’ll have less. Less stuff. And then you’ll have more. More Love. More Freedom. More Happiness. More Purpose. (Courtney Carver of bemorewithless)

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