Rumah Tok Nyang

We had kenduri tahlil at my late grandfather’s house last Saturday. My Atuk. If he’s still alive he would be A & H’s Tok Nyang.

I was reluctant to go at first, but Ummi managed to convince me.
Read: forced me saying please go, stop avoiding family and friends (especially that one aunt who continuously asking when are you going to get back with the ex) I am your mother, you will listen to whatever I told you – and she didn’t say a word after that.

So, I have no choice man.

Bitter, I went to iron the kids’ baju kurung and borrow a long black tunic with batik sarong from Maryam because I don’t really have that much of baju kurung myself.

And so, I draggged my kids there.

You know the feeling when you’re not excited for something but it turned out good, even GREAT that you thought you’d regret if you’re not going at the first place?

Going to Rumah Tok Nyang that day is one of those things.

The kids had fun playing with their cousins. I talked to many people and it made me feel good. The food was beyond great. The house left me feeling nostalgic. I grew up there. We lived together with Atuk for few years when I was in primary school before we moved to our own place about 800m away.

I missed those time. That house has changed a lot compare to 10 years ago. The kids went up and down the stairs like in a team-building camp.

However after a while, H became a bit clingy. I had hard time explaining to people why she’s still breastfeeding at the age of 33 months, and I intentionally used the words ‘months’ so that she sounds smaller.

I already introduced formula milk when she was about 20 months but she still wants it whenever she’s with me. Maybe breastfeeding is a wrong term to use here, it’s more of comfort nursing and to be honest, it’s really a mutual thing. I get enough oxytoxin whenever she’s around.

I still need to find a way to really wean her off though.

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