Reasons to Unnecessary Purchases

I think there are few reasons why we buy things we don’t need.

Good hormone impulse

We go to the mall to meet our friends to hang out. It’s a good and happy feeling – lots of hormones. Then we see something cute. Our friends tell us that it’s cute too. And so, goodbye money. Welcome cute-thing we don’t really need (that we later realize that it’s not so cute at all when we arrive home)

Loneliness & boredom

We feel like there’s something missing. Is it the black dress or the turtleneck knitted sweater. Is it the excitement of having the latest and new release ‘something’ our friends are raving about. The ‘missing thing’ most of the times are just our loneliness of (maybe) not knowing what to do during weekends, not having deep connections in our relationship or not knowing ourselves and our purposes.


Friends, Instagram and Youtube hauls. Should I say more?

Not prepared

Sometimes we buy thing we already have because we forget to bring it at a very important occasion, often because we don’t plan very well.

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  1. This post is so true! For me, most of my purchases were to ‘fill a hole’ in my life. Buying something made me feel special and important. I didn’t realize that I was complete without it! Now I am able to stop myself and ask, “Do I really need this? Does this add value to my life? Do I want to bring this into my home?”

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