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Reading old self

I’m glad that I love blogging and journalling. It’s nice to get to know my old self from reading old blog posts. I always thought it’s gonna be painful to read back the ‘past’. Actually, it’s not so. Probably that now, I’ve already accepted things as they are. InsyaAllah.

It’s fun today and I am inspired.

So, this is my impression of my older self from reading her writings:-
1. Very ambitious (with hobbies and blogging, not really with career)
2. Thought she was so good, perasan bagus
3. Chatty
4. Love blogging so much
5. Islamic
6. Quirky
7. Loving
8. Fat and messy! Haha
9. A dreamer, not so practical
10. Optimist, too optimist
11. Talked about random things
12. I think she’s a weird girl

Though I’ve changed a lot, I’m pretty much still the same girl.

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