Potential Art Journals

These are the empty notebooks that I keep at the office, which mostly I got for free.

It may now seem like I’m starting on too many things at once, but I really want to do art journaling. Not that I never tried to incorporate art into my notebooks before, I just never did it seriously and consistently.

All this while, I always thought that I was not artistic.

(But who needs to be an artist to create and maintain an art journal?)

My daughter, H, has inspired me in many ways. She never draws and paints to impress others. She doesn’t feel the need to show her every work, that stumbling upon her masterpieces around the house by surprise has become my favourite thing when I wake up in the morning.

Art is not just a form of self-expression – for her, it’s the air. It’s the way she remembers significant and even the mundane events – the way she records the beautiful and ugly objects while discovering the world. She still speaks like a baby, but her drawings contain maturity, honest opinions and her unique identity.

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