Personal Consistency Guideline

One of my goal this year is to post more content on the internet, i.e. the blog and Instagram being the main channels and perhaps, quick and tiny updates through Facebook and Twitter.

This has always been my intention or rather dream since a decade ago, but it is never materialised – at least, not consistently.

So, I’m making this personal guideline to make me consistent.

A’ishah, and also to anyone who have a similar goal as me,
1. Don’t worry if your content is not congruent in theme or message
2. Don’t worry if it’s not good – ugly, pointless or grammatically bad
3. Don’t worry if nobody read or like it
4. Don’t worry if it’s short or lack of depth
5. You already have many ideas. If you don’t, you can always share things that inspire you, or steal (then tweak) other people’s content
6. Remember that you have many stories to share. Focus on your good intention to enrich other people’s lives with your stories.
9. The only thing you have to do is show up. Even with a Hi, how are you today? I’m doing good kind of post.
10. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown blog post. It could be a picture and caption, an instastory, a tweet or a status.

As long as you show up every single day.

All the best!


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