I’m overwhelmed that I start on too many things in 2020. What are these things I’m doing again?

On New Year’s Eve, I picked the guitar bass with the intention to open my heart to music.

My counterpart plays the piano, guitar and guitar bass. So I accidentally (read: after being forced) now try to play all of the instruments too, and though not so good, I can be guided.

At the office, my colleagues Sarah and Amin play the ukulele. The ukulele is cute and seemingly more natural to enjoy. Expectedly, I started on ukulele concurrently, and can you imagine playing three types of string instrument, and especially when you’re still new to most of them.

That’s on opening my heart to music.

Now, on writing – my passion.

At the office, (as I am now a legit writer), I learn to write better from all my colleagues who graduated a proper English or Communication degree. Even my content planner, Khair, writes better English than I do.

My favourite senior writer, Harizal, translates English to Malay like he is secretly with the ITBM (The Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books). Getting feedback from him on my work helps to polish both of my English and Malay writing skills. To be able to work alongside these people while having everyday opportunities to learn and hone my craft is the best thing to happen in my working years.

On top of that, my department buys Masterclass access to be shared among the team, and I am the first taker of the year. Being the obsessed audio content consumer that I am, I’ve finished Neil Gaiman, Malcolm Gladwell, and Margaret Atwood’s classes. Well, learning from a master doesn’t instantly make you a better writer. Yet, the opportunity and exposure make me so grateful and excited to practise everything that I’ve learnt from the courses.

Writing is part of my work now, and I am on fire to learn new things every day.

Now on art in general, as we’ve talked about music and writing.

At home, I also start to create more – journalling, drawing and watercolouring. No surprise that I’m obsessed with the papers again and just recreated a separate Instagram (again, after I’ve deleted the old one some time back) to browse art accounts and probably post my artworks there too.

Not only that, but I also have a few secret projects that I can’t really say yet.

2020 is definitely the year of growth, constant learning, and saying yes to (too many) passion projects.