A’s Sports Day

Last week, I went to support A for his sports day. I’ve recorded mini observations, and you guys are lucky that I’m sharing them here today. (Usually, I keep things like this in my journal)

Context: A is moderate to severely dyslexic. He studies in a public school with Integrated Special Education Program (PPKI) classes to support struggling special needs students. However, at this point, A attends the normal primary class full-time (fully inclusive, they call).

So here are my records:-

  1. Did you know that there is a human who would wear a sweater in the middle of a football field of the Malaysian climate? That person exists. (It’s me if it’s still not obvious)
  2. A is in the Magenta house, a separate PPKI sports house than the other students. A parent of another dyslexic child shared that she doesn’t mind if her daughter being grouped in the ‘normal’ houses. We discussed that maybe it’s the way the teachers manage expectations as there are many types of special education kids, which perhaps some of them might be challenged in motor skills.
  3. I saw a PPKI teacher sang Negaraku in sign language.
  4. I saw another PPKI teacher holding a small portable fan for one of the students while the student was running on the circuit. Ohhh these teachers are the best, sometimes I worry if they spoil the kids but I guess they understand the the struggles and so they do their best to motivate these kids to love school.
  5. I think quartermaster is a great way to make all the kids involved. I wonder why I bothered to compete in the sports events when it’s actually better (and easier) to contribute by being the quartermaster.
  6. I had fun hanging out with A and his friends. We walked around the school compound and played with the soap bubble.
  7. A asked me to buy him a drink from the vending machine; he said that all of his friends love it. When he got it, he was frustrated and thought that there was nothing special about the drink – he wondered why everybody likes it. On the way back, I saw similar bottles in the hands of some other students, and A had actually chose the wrong flavour. (but I haven’t told him about this till today)

Ummi: Jom visit your classroom

A: You wanna go by shortcut or farcut?

Ummi: What’s the difference?

A: In shortcut, you don’t have to take three stairs straight. In farcut, it’s more tiring. (Apparently, the shortcut is actually the longer cut but feels more recreational)

A got this. The bottle his friends had, was purple in colour (grape flavour I guess).
Sunbathing together