Things I Learn from My Daughter

My daughter, H loves to draw.

She started to draw before she could talk.

“Elpen”, she said to my brother, Ibrahim and his wife, Nurfika while showing her rough drawing one day. That time, H was about three years old. We were still staying at my parents’ place after the divorce.

“Elephant?” Nurfika asked.

“El-pen!” she said, slightly frustrated because nobody seemed to understand what she had just drawn.


And still, nobody got her.


Let’s Be Slow

Perhaps I am was an anxious person. Feeling easily overwhelmed. Feeling like there were too many things I need to take care of – work, kids, parents, friends, chores, my health. My dream.

It’s a sick cycle and the same routine everyday, of things to do, places to go and people to meet. Me feeling sick about them already tells that, not all of them sparks joy to me. And so, why do I keep doing them?

How about you?

Do you have so many things in your life? What’s the first thing to flash when you jump out of bed everyday? Are you excited for the day, or do you just grab your phone to scroll down social media for half an hour and already feel better to continue your day – your fast life as it is.


Cure the Impulse with a Ban

Nasty impulses

Have you ever wished to buy something but end up not buying it because you didn’t have enough money, or because you had more important things to buys? Or…

Have you ever impulsively bought one thing that was not-so-important when in fact, you had no money allocated for it?

Do you have a to-buy-list or shopping list, just waiting to be materialized once you have allocation for them?

Now, try to imagine yourself having a more controlled shopping desire. You will feel less stress and not affected by things you don’t have. You will save time and money. You end up having more money than your shopping list items. Or best, you have more money and nothing to buy. Goddd, now tell me is that even possible?