My Story

My life in 10 points

  1. A geophysicist, but feeling more like a writer and poet.
  2. Love poetry. Writing and reciting them since I was in high school. Performed twice in college.
  3. Love writing and journalling and always have a diary/journal with me. I am very much influenced by my mother, she documents everything. Because of that, my other siblings must have kept a journal too in any part of their lives.
  4. First created a blog when I was in university circa 2008. Blogging on and off but always ended up deleting my posts. I bought the domain on May 2017. This will last, insyaAllah.
  5. Got married too early at 20 years old with my classmate. Married for 7 years before divorcing with two beautiful and talented kids. My ex now, is a wonderful father to them.
  6. My divorce in early 2016 is a big turning point for me. I learned so many things to keep myself distracted from being depressed. Random things that I learned include photography, videography, social media marketing, writing, copywriting, storytelling and blogging. I also learned basic makeup just to get beautiful pictures on Instagram – it works because now I look 10 times prettier in pictures. In real life, I am just a normal girl (with a beautiful soul).
  7. I’m always curious about relationship and love to read on topics such as unconditional love and extramarital affairs. I come to understand why we choose a difficult partner. For that, you can count on me for quick relationship advice, no judgement ‘cos I’ve been worse.
  8. Being divorced affected my financial so much because I was so used to having support. So, I learned how to manage my wallet and discovered minimalism. Never turning back since that.
  9. Exploring online resources makes me obsessed with self-development. I’m a full-time learner now. I read daily and very passionate to share what I’ve read with my friends and loved one.
  10. I created this blog because my boyfriend is already tired listening to me. Just kidding.

I love noodle soup.