We Are All Criminals

I remember a close friend from high school who would shoplift from the co-op (koperasi, our convenient store) – buns, chocolates, and milk. Yes, food.

Maybe I did that too, once or twice and that was probably just one of my quests to impress her. If not for that purpose (impressing her), I probably wouldn’t. We already had five meals daily provided at the dining hall, and the fact that I didn’t really eat so much (I still don’t) I can survive 24 hours with just biscuits and water. My point is, nothing was so desperate that needed me to shoplift for food at that time.


10 Things to Optimize in Old Blog Posts

Your blog is full of hidden gems! Optimize old blog posts and bring them back to life.

I used to delete my older blog posts, even a whole blog several times because I didn’t like how they look and sound. Ahhh silly. I should’ve just edited them, right.

We can always revisit any writings on our blog (posts and pages) as long as we don’t confuse the readers. If by editing, it’s going to make an idea contradict with our well-known mission and vision, it is most likely to jeopardize our credibility. Other than that, editing is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s actually a good strategy to increase our blog’s traffic and performance.

If you treat your blog as a whole writing/brand profile, it’s good to do housekeeping once in a while. Whoever comes to love your latest  blog post might dig up a little bit deeper to find similar content.


Struggles We Couldn’t Compare

Learning about Muslims worldwide

I never ask Raffiq (the geologist) about Aleppo or Rohingya like how I would ask my late grandfather about his world war experience – over and over again just to entertain him, not because I wanted to know the story and why would I? Because I breathe through the memory of his younger days when he already confused whether or not had he eat lunch while swapping names of his children.

Raffiq was probably busy and annoyed with me asking stuff, seeing me browsing through websites and news that evening, he was struggling with wells and model. But war, either in my grandfather’s memory, Aleppo, Rohingya, between two conflicting people or even the war in our head. It’s never pleasant.

The next day, they brought me to the talk at Tower 1 and I learn more about Rohingya people.