How to Be Happy (3 Quick Tips)

Three things I do to stay happy in my life

A friend commented my blog’s link on Facebook yesterday and requested me to share some tips on how to be happy.

Thank you for the topic request my dear, I can’t say NO.

But to be honest, I’m not sure if I am a qualified happy person to write about this topic, I’m pretty much a sadist. You can feel that from my collection of poems on Instagram.

However, in some way I also see myself as a positive and optimist person day by day. The level of happiness in my life does increase a lot within this one year. So, I think it’s worth to share the practices I’ve adopted in my life that contribute to that.

1. Active gratitude

Schedule daily appreciation. Don’t wait for a wish to come true to feel grateful. Always look around to see the good in your mundane world. Like the law of attraction, positive affirmations bring more positive things into our life. Be grateful when you wake up. Be grateful in your prayer. Be grateful in every breath.

I keep a gratitude log in my bullet journal and make it a commitment to feel grateful, to be happy and to be thankful to the Creator everyday. Once it becomes a habit, there are more and more to write and be thankful of.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

p/s: Recently, I also tweet my gratitude on Twitter. Feel free to check it out so you have some ideas how to start writing yours.

2. Never compare yourself with other people

Nobody’s life is perfect and nobody’s life is the same. Celebrate other people’s fortune and celebrate ours too.

There’s no use in admiring other people’s life just to feel bad about ours. It buries all the positive things left in our life and we damage our own self esteem. There is no end in comparison game. Stop comparing, start living.

3. Own yourself

You are the owner of yourself, stop being hard on yourself. It’s useless to blame others too. Accept yourself with all the packages. Accept and love that you are unique, strong and beautiful. Accept the good and the bad things about yourself. Accept your past and embrace all your weaknesses.

Yes, we can’t change the past but we are in control of our future. Appreciate the fact that you are the manager of your being, be bossy to yourself and decide – Happy!

There are indeed many other ways to stay happy but from my own experience, focusing on these three things have changed my life 360 degree.

It’s almost 500 words today. See you tomorrow. Anddd, feel free to request other topics that you would want to hear from me.

‘Focus’ Problem

If you’re like me and always having difficulties to stay consistent in achieving good habits, one of the thing you need to do is to pre-plan for distraction and temptation.

All of us are great with writing resolutions, goals and to-do list, but we forgot the not-to-do list. The paradox of choice turns our willpower weak and weaker. We’re prompted with so many things every day that we easily lose focus.

The world’s most valuable resource is not money, not time, but attention and good focus.

It’s so hard not to check our Social Media notifications and get lost in replying dms and comments. It’s even harder not to scroll the Instagram in the morning that we don’t realize it steals from us 15 minutes at the minimum.

Those 15 minutes though seems small, is the culprit to our priorities i.e the morning routine that we’re trying to establish. 15 minutes is what it takes to write my 100 words. 15 minutes every day will get you to read 1-2 books monthly. 15 minutes is enough for a simple workout session at home if you’re just starting with exercising. 15 minutes of good attention will bring you into many more possibilities.

So, don’t just plan for what you want to do or achieve, but also plan for the things that may come into your way. Before I leave, I would like to share some of my ‘current plan’ tailored to my situation and kind of distractions, just to give you some ideas.

#1 Unplug, put your phone to aeroplane mode when you’re focusing on something (i.e writing)

#2 Have a template of polite rejection if your friends ask you out during your productive time. (It’s hard for me to say NO sometimes – I need to plan and rehearse how to do so.)

#3 Don’t write when your kids/spouse are awake if you know it’s so hard and will just demotivate you from the things that you’re working on. Wake up earlier than them.

#4 Have a sticky note at your working area that says – Focus. NO Youtube. NO Podcast. NO Email. NO Reading.

#5 Habits start small to be attainable, they can grow and be build from there. Sometimes, we want to start doing so many things at the same time. If you’re having this problem, list down all the things that you’re interested in. Pick maximum 5, and avoid the others at all cost. You can always go there later.

and I don’t have a TV for long, that helps like hell.

What Happened to My Poetry Book?

Six months ago, I talked about compiling my poetry book. That time, I only had 40-ish number of poems. We already have around 400 today. But,

We still don’t have that book.

The positive

I have 10 times number of poems compare to when I just started.

The not-so-positive

Why do I take forever just to do a simple thing such as ‘compiling’?

I think, good thinkers hardly get the shit done. Most of the things happen inside and rarely get executed. Sometimes, I think I belong to this category. The idealist, who are waiting for the perfect moment to even, start.

The three things I want to achieve that I mentioned in the previous post; poetry book, blog, and vlog are still somewhere in the cloud of my mind dancing their best as dreams and fantasy.

We need to get them out.

Learning myself, I work best with a daily challenge, perhaps for a course of 1-2 months. To successfully execute thing one at a time is something I just realized about myself. I remember the daily Instagram #VCSO postings of portrait photography, consistent blog posts just to update my day to someone, then the engaging Facebook status, #sixwordstory, daily poems, daily tweets, and even the daily Instastories that didn’t get to stay long enough. I’ve done them all but separately, each exclusively on its own.

We need to figure out how to retain all of them, side by side. Plan better, maybe?

Anyway, I’m writing today’s post after I challenged myself to write 100 words, everyday on this blog. It’s the 252nd words as I’m typing this. Reached and exceeded my goal for today, Signing off now.

Start small, be consistent.