My Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify for Personal Development

Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk about my favorite podcast series on Spotify. I’ve learned a lot from them so I want to give some recommendations to all of you. I promise you, if this is the first time you hear about podcast, you’re gonna thank me for writing this. Before I proceed,

What is a podcast?

It is simply a digital audio file on the internet.

For me, it’s like a Youtube channel without the videos/images. Or a recorded radio program which you can access anytime you like. Or a blog being read aloud to you, like an audiobook.

and why do I like listening to the podcast?

I have many many reasons but my number one factor is multitasking – I can listen to it while doing something else. It’s my favorite time-filler in the traffic jam. I don’t listen to anymore, not to the crappy calls and random music.

I put my headphones on early in the morning whenever I’m doing mundane chores like washing the dishes, sweep the room, or ironing.

Sometimes, I also listen to the podcast in the office when I do the task that doesn’t need too much thinking and focus such as refining seismic interpretation.

Where to listen?

There are thousands of podcast out there for you to explore in various platforms. I choose Spotify because it’s actually the only¬†subscription I have on top of my mobile data. It’s my only source of entertainment other than Youtube and mindless scrolling on Social Media.

I don’t have Wifi at home. I have NO TV so obviously NO cable, NO ASTRO, NO HyppTV, NO Netflix or Iflix and by the way, this is not sponsored. But Spotify has a narrowed down choices of podcast series so they never disappoint me.

Other famous platforms that you can look into are the Apple Podcast, Google Play Music, PocketCast, and OverCast. You can also listen to podcast directly from the website of the content source (on any browser).


So these are

My Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify for Personal Development:-

1. Optimal Living Daily

2. Love Your Works – Creative Habits

3. The Minimalists Podcast

4. The Art of Charm

5. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Check them out if you have time and I also would like to know what are your favorites, share them in the comment down below. I’m sorry because I’m a little late to publish but hopefully you’ve learned something from me today. Bye!

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My #poetsofinstagram Toolkit

So another FAQs (frequently asked questions) I always receive is: How do you make your poem images on Instagram?

By that, they mean this.

Today I will share the tools I use to make a simple image for my poem. Read till the end of this post for some bonus tips related to #poetsofinstagram.

If you’re not into poetry, you can also benefit from what I share to make quote images, posters for your business or just to label your personal pictures beautifully from your phone.

Let’s get started.


I use Phonto – It is available for Android and iPhone, no discrimination. It’s very simple and user-friendly.


I always use a white plain background. But you can upload any images that you like. If you don’t really have beautiful picture of your own, you can browse through Free Stock Photo sites for amazing free photos. My favourite would be Unsplash.

If you don’t find anything that you like over there, there’s 20 other free stock photo sites here.

Another good idea for background is to use vintage paper image, this can easily be searched and downloaded from Google. Here’s an example from my poet friend’s Instagram account:-

by @lyanne.poetry


Many people get frustrated with the choices of font on Phonto. But do you know that you can actually download ANNNYYY font that you like and install it on the apps. Just go to and look for free fonts and you will be spoilt by the choices.

The one that I always use is,

Kingsthing Typewriter 2 – a (clearly) typewriter font.

Sometimes, I also use Libre Baskerville for ‘book pages’ feel.

I stick to a simple style (no heading, bold, italic, or shadow and just use default spacing) – to be specific, my favourable font size is 22 and I always align my text to the center.

There are many other tools and ways to showcase your poetry on Instagram but these are the things I basically use to make mine. Easy, right?

Bonus tips

1. The online world is very noisy. This is a very cliche advice, but the most important thing before you put yourself out there is to be yourself, always write your own voice.

2. Use hashtags so that it’s easy for readers to find your poems. Do you know that you can use up to 30 hashtags per post? Here are some famous hashtags suggestion for #poetry

#poem #love #poet #writer #poetsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #writing #art #words #poems #quotes #poetrycommunity #wordporn #quote #poetsofig #life #music #writersofig #spilledink #poetryisnotdead #spokenword #prose #instapoet #inspiration #artist #writerscommunity #instagood #creativewriting #poets #writers

3. You can also tag accounts that feature poets and artists to be found. There’s a very long list of Feature Directory written by Her Heart Poetry for your reference.

That’s all from me today. Talk to you later!

Oh, if you haven’t followed my Instagram account yet, please do so. At my current pace, I’ll try to write one poem per week and I’m looking forward for your feedback on them. Bye bye, thanks for reading.

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My Thoughts on Microblogging

A friend asked me on Instagram dm (direct message) last two days about ‘microblog’. Maybe he noticed the last section on this site, labeled as microblog¬†where I link the feed to my latest tweet.


What is a microblog?

It is actually just a blog with micro size posts.

The activity or practice of making short, frequent posts to a microblog is then called microblogging. Few sentences or a short paragraph, a photo with a brief caption, or a short video is what it takes to call yourself a microblogger/vlogger. With that, I believe it makes the most of us, whether we realise it or not.



The most famous platform for microblogging is Twitter. Anything you post on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr (anyone still using this?) on a regular basis revolving around the same theme is also considered microblogging.



Like books, we read blogs to learn from other people experience. We want to know the journey – if possible from zero, a scratch to a defined success. We love to be entertained and relatable. If you are a microblogger, bear this in mind while visualising your audience.

Microblog is easy to write and easier to consume than a boring book and a full fledged conventional blog content, that’s what makes a microblog (or can we just say Social Media) so popular and addictive.


A good microblog that I will follow

Yes, first I will follow all my friends on social media. I will also follow any random account if it’s a microblog which has:-

1. Authority in the things that I’m interested in i.e #poetry #journal

2. Consistency in posting content

3. Human touch; so I don’t feel like I connect with a robot. Some engagement would be helpful

I hope my post today answers the friend’s question and inspires some of you to share your thoughts and passions via microblogging. Talk to you later!

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