We Are All Criminals

I remember a close friend from high school who would shoplift from the co-op (koperasi, our convenient store) – buns, chocolates, and milk. Yes, food.

Maybe I did that too, once or twice and that was probably just one of my quests to impress her. If not for that purpose (impressing her), I probably wouldn’t. We already had five meals daily provided at the dining hall, and the fact that I didn’t really eat so much (I still don’t) I can survive 24 hours with just biscuits and water. My point is, nothing was so desperate that needed me to shoplift for food at that time.

I later regret doing it because it was useless. Dosa kering on top of not getting anything other than some mutual fun? So, I stopped doing it. I didn’t have a lot of friends back then, and that’s because I enjoy being on my own so much (and possibly because I’m someone difficult too ahaha)

Then, I have a couple of friends who would fly (go out from the school area without permission) in the middle of the night for McD, sometimes roti canai and mee bandung? The next day, would chant the stories to everyone who ever done the same thing, as if you’re gonna get the tribe tattoo once you’ve done with the ritual.

On similar circumstances, I remember myself pretending to be sick just to skip classes, going out on my own to the clinic for McD afterward. It was a pretend, but technically legal, keeping things simple and fuss-free.

But still, thinking back about it, I wonder why didn’t I just do some McD Delivery. It’s not like McD’s bike was forbidden inside the school compound nor did we have boycott McD for Israel back then.

It was more than 10 years ago.

I wasn’t proud of my sins, but secretly adore my own perspective on how I see these offenses. No, don’t get me wrong. I’m against niat menghalalkan cara. It’s just that, I’m glad I was someone who didn’t care to do crime in pack and bonus, always got away with whatever wrongs I’m doing (90% of the time, though karma is still lounging around me and bitching, I kid you not).

It’s always good to dive into the part of us that is so rebellious and criminal.

The adrenaline. The rush. The guilt. The pleasure.

If not for our own pleasure, all of us have some point in our life when we are so desperate for validation. To have things in common (usually on some weird and hipster stuff) with other people. We want to be relatable for things that distinguish us (our circle) from the rest of this boring world.

And if you really take time to understand that, it’s something, somehow sooo ironic, don’t you feel so? Like.. why can’t you be weird, unusual, and exceptional for your own selves?

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I woke up this morning and feel the excitement to talk, or rather to sort my thoughts about… well, probably just some useless matter of discussion to you.

If I am to share the biggest mistake I’ve made while I was gone, it is self-pity.

Now that I’ve snapped out of that, though not entirely – I think in a hard situation, it is very important to lift our perspective and see our own being from above, with self-love.

Self-pity (the opposite of self-love, sort of) is self-absorbed unhappiness over life’s hardship.

I found this article over the net,

Self-Pity: 11 Tell-tale Signs That You’re A Self-Inflicted Victim

and I think I had some of the signs like, thinking that I’m not worthy of love, having low self-esteem, a strong fighting instinct, and melancholic temperament and subconsciously feeling guilty (self-blame).

Life is always hard, problems come and go – nothing comes easy. We can’t really move an inch if we are being too carried away with unnecessary feelings. My life was a mess. It was upside down in a way I had never imagined and the first instinctual feeling that triggered was sadness, then anger. Of course, they are just feelings that sometimes (or most of the time) can’t be controlled but being too absorbed over them doesn’t bring anything good either. It was hard to be positive and productive, and that added up to the problems I already have

I’ve lost passion in many things.
I think somewhere somehow during that moment, I’ve lost faith.
I’ve lost the stands I’m holding on to.
I’ve already lost confidence and then I constantly got these hormonal pimples on my skin, and I hated them.
I started to count wrinkles I never noticed before.
I know I’m already skinny but I didn’t eat for days so I would look lovely.
I hate every single line of marks on my body.
I’ve avoided family and friends, and I miss them very badly now. I did see and talk to few – faking strength and smiles. Those who really know me, THEY. KNOW.


Ah, listing down what have changed disgusts me.

I wanna be in control of my life now and stop dwelling in the past.

Love yourself because love lifts..

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10 Things to Optimize in Old Blog Posts

Your blog is full of hidden gems! Optimize old blog posts and bring them back to life.

I used to delete my older blog posts, even a whole blog several times because I didn’t like how they look and sound. Ahhh silly. I should’ve just edited them, right.

We can always revisit any writings on our blog (posts and pages) as long as we don’t confuse the readers. If by editing, it’s going to make an idea contradict with our well-known mission and vision, it is most likely to jeopardize our credibility. Other than that, editing is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s actually a good strategy to increase our blog’s traffic and performance.

If you treat your blog as a whole writing/brand profile, it’s good to do housekeeping once in a while. Whoever comes to love your latest  blog post might dig up a little bit deeper to find similar content.

1. Grammar

Re-check for spelling and grammar mistakes. I use Grammarly (Free version) to get a mistake-free writing, at least without the critical issues. Our language style is also changed and improved by time. Editing your old blog post into your current writing style will result into better consistency.

2. Content

Clean up the content. Add, subtract and edit information based on your current knowledge. Include updates especially on reviews and stories.

3. Readability (flow)

Make sections and include headings and subheadings. Improve the structure to make sure your blog post has Intro-Body-Conclusion framework. Establish a good length throughout your blog, write more if it’s too short. Summarize if it’s too long. Sometimes, you can also divide it into two blog post with separate but related titles to improve reader’s comprehension. I found the Readability Analysis tab that comes with Yoast SEO plugins to be helpful in improving my blog post readability.

4. Relevancy

As we blog more, we will have clearer direction and focus, edit your writing to make it relevant to the current theme/focus of your blog.

5. Links

Include links to your other related blog post to encourage more navigation internally. Check for broken links. You can install the Broken Link Checker plugins on your blog. There is also the  Online Broken Link Checker – a free online tools, just paste your blog post url to get it checked.

6. Images

As a writer, I believe visual aids is the one thing that we often neglected and hardly give enough attention to. Include more images in your blog post or better, create info-graphics and Pinterest-friendly materials. I always go Unsplash to get beautiful free stock images while Canva is a great online tool to create stunning info-graphics. Edit, resize, re-position, and put watermark on existing images. Optimize by using the best image to be the ‘featured image’.

7. Text style

This may with be related with Readability but it’s to emphasize text in you blog post – not just to headings and subheading, but also to numbers, bullets, and quotes. Bold, underline, color or make certain text bigger to highlight important points.

8. SEO

Update and optimize your keywords, categories, and tags. Make sure you already have SEO plugins installed on your blog and establish good connection between categories, sub-categories and tags. Use the these keywords sufficiently within the blog post body to improve keyword density.


Delete spam comments. Respond to the comments and based on the questions asked by the readers, include the information/respond/answer in the blog post (body). Then, notify the readers that you have updated the information in the blog post itself. This will make you blog post more comprehensive while other readers can also benefit from it without having to scroll down the comment section.

10. Titles

Reconstruct old title to be more catchy and SEO-friendly


Last but not least, share you updated blog post across social media and emails for other people to benefit from them.

That’s all from me today. I bet there are indeed many hidden gems in your blog that deserve some polishing today.

Enjoy writing, enjoy blogging!