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Hello world,

I’m sorry I have to come here to update about my life and not actually sharing good ‘info stuff’. I’m busy with work, family (I just got married), kids, and it’s currently the fasting month, Ramadan.

We moved to a bigger house together and even after a month now, I am still struggling to adapt with the new routine as well as the combined ‘stuff’ that we have to manage. We definitely have more space and rooms, but also more furnitures and things.

As routine is concerned, I wake up at 5:00 am every day to prepare food for sahur and help my kids get ready for school. We prayed Subh together and leave the house at 6:40 am.

Before I go on, let me introduce my family. We are a family of 5—AK, HN, A, H and Hn.

HN sends Hn to school (he goes to a different school) and then straight away goes to his office.

I send the other two kids and return home afterwards as I am still working from home. I clean the house, get ready, and scroll through my phone before checking in for work. If I reach home early from sending the kids, sometimes I take a nap. I usually start working around 9:00 am, and on a busier day, meetings start as early as 8:30 am.

Around 12:20 pm, I leave the house again to get Hn from school at 12:30 pm, and then drive to A & H’s school, 20 minutes away. A finishes school at 1:20 or 1:50 pm, so we arrive at home around 2:15 pm.

I continue working.

During Ramadan, HN reaches home earlier around 4:30 pm. We just buy iftar food because most days (so far), I still work up to 6:30 pm. I only take breaks to check if my kids have prayed Zohr and Asr, play games for too long, or fight among each other. I feel like the worst mom ever, but I could have been at the office all day long and reach home at 6:30 pm just the same if I am not working from home. So, I try to let go of the thought and expectation to stay sane.

We break fast, pray Maghrib berjemaah and have a good meal together – that IS my highlight of the day. The short period between Maghrib and Isya’ is the time when I could breathe a little.

The kids sleep early at 9:30 pm and that’s basically a day in the life of seorang A’ishah. I am happy and grateful to be given another chance to have a normal family life like this.

This routine is a lot different when the kids are with their other parents, and I will write about that later.

Talk to you guys soon insyaAllah!

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