It’s Never Too Late to (Re)-Start Doing Anything

Hello everyone, we meet again.

After publishing on how I write my poems earlier last week, I realize that I actually hardly know anything about poetry. I simply write, based on my little understanding and belief of how it should be, or sound.

I discussed with a friend, about the famous poets versus the ‘poet’ poets. The ‘poet’ poets that we talked about are those people who are really the master of words and literature, doctorate in poetry I supposed. Their pieces are often too abstract and normal people like us might have some struggle to understand them. I guess, that’s just art.

While the famous poets (and they are typically famous on Instagram), they speak in a soothing language people instantly get addicted to. Their poems are flowery and beautiful but at the same time, way easier to understand, sometimes I wonder, is that even poetry at all – it just sounds like love letters to me. Writers like Lang Leav and Najwa Zebian have massive followings on the net and their copies sold in millions around the world. They write to reach and inspire people.

These two categories are not necessarily different from each other, it’s just the balance of internal and external factors. The passion for art versus the intention to touch people’s heart. (No pun intended but that rhymes!)

Looking at both and wondering where I stand, sadly I don’t think I fall into either category.

First, I have almost zero qualification in literature. Even my English is struggling.

Second, I don’t think people can easily relate to my poems. That’s because, I hardly think about the audience while I write. My poems are always written for one person hahah, and even that one person sometimes doesn’t get it.

But, it’s never too late to do anything. And it’s never too late to (re)-start wherever you are.

I’m in the midst of compiling all my poems for a poetry book. I already have around 40-ish number of poems ready and currently writing more to stretch to 100. Being rejected by publishers are normal for new writers, I’m very aware of that. But at least, I don’t want to look so stupid upon my submission. I want to have better foundation of what I’m doing, of what I love doing. It’s like you claim that you’re a chef and you love cooking but your food taste funny.

And so, maybe I need to dig more on other people’s pieces to know what the audience love to ‘eat’. I’m aspired to have the balance of both – to be that ‘poet’ poet everyone can relate to. For that, I’m also currently learning poetry literature basic to brush up my skills and hopefully I’ll get better in this!

8 Replies to “It’s Never Too Late to (Re)-Start Doing Anything

  1. I can relate to everything you say and despite our different localization, culture and age we might share a kind of predisposition in living that throw us to poetry.
    Do your fight! Keep genuine ☺

  2. I don’t think I fit into those categories too and I hardly thought of audience as well. But it is not a wrong thing. Poetry is just that universal and fluid. Yet, I all for a restart. Anytime, everytime.

    Looking forward to the book and hopes everything will go well for you!

    1. I still haven’t finished the book, after 3-4 months but I definitely got the 40-ish number of poems multiplied since then.

  3. i always open to any kind of poem, no set of rules, term and condition and all, just a orchestra of words whether to entertain or educate or just for the sake of telling something.

  4. I have a degree in english literature at University level. We studied a lot of English poets so I’m familiar with a few of the ‘poet poets’. I’m following about 500 of the ‘famous poets’ you mention on instagram. I have 2 people out of that 500 that I’ve turned on notifications of posts for, and you are one of them. So you are doing something right in my opinion 🙂 the middle ground is where it’s at!

    1. Hi Dom, I saw your account on Instagram. Following you too! I got to say that you’re so lucky to have learnt English literature and doing what you love now. So honoured to be one of that you followed! and thank you for reading..

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