Minimalism with Kids

This is a broad subject to be discussed, but today I want to share what I keep at home for the kids.

A box of toys

Most of them are from Happy Meals. Also, a nerf gun, little ponies and Lego. We haven’t bought any toys for the longest time (except Happy Meals which are free) It was hard at first because I was used to always give my kids what they want. Now, whenever we go to the groceries or supermarket, I will let them buy one item each with a capped price (to still give them the freedom of choice to shop) and luckily it’s always ice-cream, yogurt, lollipops or soda.

Art supply

H loves art so much. So, we have glue and scissors, art block, color pencils, crayons and watercolor which we take out to use almost every day.


I never count their clothes but basically, both of them have double of what I have. I believe that they are still minimal because A will have no pants at the end of the week if I don’t do any laundry in between. A & H only have one pair of footwear each at my place. They have more when they are with their father.

Books and workbooks

I’m still in the process of de-cluttering these so we still have many books on the shelves. I realize that we actually don’t need so much. Earlier this month, I pick two workbooks for each of them and decided to only focus on that books, I hide all the other workbooks. The result is better, we are more consistent to do the workbooks together than when we think we have more choices and resources.


We don’t have TV at home. The kids have one hand phone each where they watch Youtube, listen to songs and play Minecraft and other games (A also plays Fortnite, Mobile Legend, and Roblox). H loves to use her phone to take pictures. The phones are always their babysitter when the situation is out of my control – and this is not a confession.

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