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Me time

It’s almost noon at my home sweet home.

As always, the kids are bribed with a gadget each. My ex briefed me on the parenting talk I’ve missed yesterday (before A’s performance at his graduation), about how two hours are the maximum daily dose of gadget-time for a kid.

I am the more important person to hear that talk since gadgets are currently the most trusted babysitter here, or rather a quick escape of this single-parenthood for an exchange of some pointless me time or even earlier night-sleep. I don’t have any TV at home as to maintain my self-claimed minimalist title, and I don’t really watch TV since long.

So for the kids, those cracked cheaper handphones are my saviour,

my current – “Abang, can you watch the kids for me, so I can take a nap/have slower shower/sip my coffee while it’s hot/read a book/write properly on this blog”

Though some of the things are perhaps selfish for a mother to do, I believe most parents even not-divorced can relate to this.

Elders, singles and some kiasu-disciplined-perrfectt parents certainly have ‘better’ opinions and methods.

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