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Have you ever talked with someone you trust, and have streams of words to let out, only to get some non-understanding solutions like bullets to your ears (because the person hasn’t listen to the whole story). It’s sad, especially if that person is the only one you have.

Listening is not just, hearing. It’s hearing and understanding with empathy. Good listening will lead to healing for both people of the communication.


  1. This is very common. I get it a lot. People tend to only hear while waiting for a chance to respond. They don’t absorb what’s being said and then respond appropriately. It is indeed frustrating.

    • A'ishah Kamaludin A'ishah Kamaludin

      Yes, it is very frustrating and I’m afraid that I’m also one of the listen-to-respond-ER.. Empathy is key. Btw, thanks for dropping by.

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