Kids Zone, State Library

I better publish this before the weekend, before all the things to blog about snowballing on my dashboard.

Last Sunday I took the kids to the public library.

Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Negeri Sembilan (PPNS), the state library is situated in Seremban city center, just in front of the KM Plaza building. The main entrance is facing the shop rows of Bank Islam, a mamak stall and a Bata shop. Location-wise, I guess that’s well known among nogoghi people.

Had our lunch at that mamak before going to the library that day.

We didn’t explore the place so much, just went straight to the Kids Zone at the ground floor, easily accessed through the main entrance. We had been to National library before and compared to that, this place is 1/4 times smaller. It still has everything regardless. Books and magazines, activity and hypermedia corner as well as a female prayer room for mothers looking after their kids here.

Kids zone is for children of age 12 years old and below. Cute colourful tables and chairs, and shelves of lower height so it is easy for tiny people like H to reach. There were adult librarians around, assisting the kids with borrowing and returning books. They also help the kids to use the computers – hypermedia membership must be obtained first, fees of RM2.00. During the school holiday, some interesting activities are being conducted. Something like colouring competition, arts & craft and quizzes.

A was eager to pick books as soon as we arrived. Like always, his favourite would be dinosaurs books and encyclopedias. Some books he picked (that I can recall) are two dinosaurs books, and two encyclopedias, one on Hands (Science) and another entitled Tsunami.

While H had more fun playing hide and seek between the bookshelves. I got some weird stares from the librarian for that. But later, the librarian seemed to give up. There were not so many people in that area anyway, I guess.

H did pick up few books for me to read to her, just to steal the attention. Aha. I love when these two rebut me from each other, though to be honest it’d be a tough situation to handle. One of H’s choice of book was a young teenage novel with a picture of a girl wearing hijab on the front cover. She told me the girl was her. It was quite hard for me to explain the rest of the book because everything else was just words she couldn’t relate to.

We went through some magazines compilation before going back. Mutual favourite so it was a hell of 20 minutes harmony. Boboiboy magz. No surprise.

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