Journey to Minimalism

I can’t remember exactly how I came to encounter the idea of minimalism and become so into it.

I’ve tried to be frugal since I’ve started working but that’s about it, because being frugal also means I still bought many cheap stuff that I don’t really need.

Early this year, I tried to minimize my online accounts – emails, social media, subscriptions and while trying to get help from Mr. Google, I found this article from my now favorite blog, Zen Habits:-

Simple Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life

I start to do some of the things on the list. I remember feeling so good when I started to list down my priority and learning to let go – things, people or something I was doing that didn’t really spark joy. It is so freeing and I could feel like I’m more in control with every little things I own and the activities I do in my daily life. Everything that remains serves a purpose and brings value to my life. Everything sparks joy.

Then, I started to become so fascinated with travelers living in a backpack everywhere around the world. For me, they are the ultra-minimalist with the greatest freedom, so I envy.

It also makes me want to fall in love seeing a happy couple living off the grid, working in a farm making their own food with no mortgage and commitment. Life is so simple but they are happy. It makes me cry.

And thanks to Youtube, and Google for showing all of that.

My point is, these are just different way people finding themselves more and being happy by living with less. I start searching for my own way to ‘optimize’ my life. From stuff to relationship, to commitment and routine. Though some of them are not so successful like the #minsgame I tried to pull on Instagram, that doesn’t mean the process doesn’t happen.

I can proudly say now, that I already have the mindset and the habit in me.

I haven’t bought any new items of clothing for so long that a tree could grow. I’m feeling pretty adequate with myself and with whatever I have right now. I do have some wishlist, but I’m giving them time and enough research so I don’t have to buy two or three of the same things just because this one is lack of something and the other one is lack of another thing, if you get what I mean. And it’s so awesome whenever I follow my friends to go shopping, have quite a lot of money in my wallet and still being able to say, “No, I don’t need that. I’m good” – to the temptation. So firm, it annoys my friends.

Minimalism in a way, also helps me to say no. It’s something I’m struggling with for quite a long time.

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean that you’re a cheap skate as how I used to believe before, though it does relate to frugality, but that’s really optional and not really the core of living with less. Instead, being mindful about what you keep around you makes you wanna invest more. I’ve slightly increased my standard on things that I buy because I only want to have the best one thing instead of too many just-OK things. This leads me to really question what’s important to me and discover my very own taste in everything, not just after the trend or the friends.

Ohh I’m sorry this post is getting lengthy already. I’ll write again tomorrow. Stay tune if you’re interested to know more about my journey to minimalism.

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