Idk what to write about

I have been a writer for one and a half years. It begins a little later than I should have. Perhaps, a decade after believing that I can be one.

Yet, I have only written a poetry book for myself – and (this) one abandoned blog, if it can be counted. Since COVID-19 struck, even my social media accounts are pretty much a barren land too.

I write more for my paid job. That truth hurts.

The job teaches me a lot, but I still want to be self-employed in the future. The number one reason I wanted to be a writer in the first place is that I want to work from home – which I already get, given the current circumstances (though I have mixed feelings saying that out loud). The second reason is that I want to write about my ‘stuff’, which I can just (sebenarnya) start without actually leaving the job.

It’s funny that nowadays, I don’t know what to write about except what has been instructed to me.

I need to write more, the “I don’t know what to write about, but…” This can lead to beautiful places.

Yes, I should do that more, and I’ll do it here.

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