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I live in a cupboard

I live in a cupboard and in that cupboard is a small room. A minimalist space with a single bed – probably in super single size so it’s easy for anyone to sleep in with me (H, A or AF). Feathery soft comforter. No extra pillow so I can enjoy alone-ness (or better, solitude).

Two-layers curtain, one sheer and another will turn the room into jet black darkness.

An open bath tub, but with a secluded toilet cube.

A working desk with a laptop, a journal, papers for quick and dirty scribbling. Basic stationeries. There’s a book shelf with all the books I haven’t finished and all other books that I wish to read. An ipod instead of a phone or a tab. (Wifi please..)

33 pieces of minimalist outfits of various styles with monochrome colours – hues of white, grey, black and blue. 7 sets of comfy pajamas/nightdresses that come with animal prints/cartoons socks each, among them is one pair of extra long socks.

Mini kitchen and pantry with generous stock of cold coffee, peas, tasteless crackers, noodles and water with heavenly taste.

..and a small pot of succelents.

I live in the cupboard and here is my dream.

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