H’s Short Stories

I took a pen and a notebook with me to the swimming pool and while waiting for A, I planned to write..
that was until H took over my well-prepared tools.

Her drawing was good – comic-like, and there were three sections of a similar storyline.
The first one is about a princess and her unicorn;

Princess: I love you (as she explained to me, symbolised by only the shape of a heart) – she drew that herself.
Unicorn: I love (again, a heart shape) you too – for this line, she asked for my help.

The second story;

Elly:? (she said, it means “I don’t know”)
Baby Elly: o (and it means “Owhh” in a specific slang as if it means, “Oh you really don’t know.. hmm”)

The third story;


I guess it was of similar meaning.

I helped her to label; Princess, Unicorn, Elly, Baby Elly, Umi. She wrote her own name, all in capital letters.


I recently listened to classes on Skillshare and Masterclass around Short Stories topics. After consuming lectures from about three to four authors, the only story I came out with, is this – a story about my daughter effortlessly wrote three stories while waiting for her brother swimming.

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