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How to be attractive

Many people come to me for relationship advice (despite me being a failed project myself), also asking me how to be pretty because they’ve seen me once very ugly and suddenly now, like a frog princess just being kissed by the prince charming.

I can’t stress it enough.
To be attractive is to be happy. So happy as if you already have everything you wanted..

and ready to infect everyone around you with your bright attitude..

Stop complaining..

Stop looking at the bad sides of everything..

Love yourself..

Love everything that you have.. Love every experience..

You, alone is ENOUGH.. everything else is just an option.. that, if you get, you will be super grateful and faithful about it.. and if you not, you still have the very best thing above all – yourself.

Be faithful, be grateful.

Gratitude is the drug, it leaves you feeling good no matter how shitty the situation is, and gratitude is proportional to happiness. And happiness is proportional to being pretty. It sounds silly, just trust me on that. Just try.

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