Hi, I’m still here.

A little life update for my future reference.

  1. I don’t post/write much on my online platforms these days except for Twitter – yes, find me there @aishahk88, and Bigo Live, which I’m currently still exploring.
  2. I am super busy with work. Honestly, the never-ending-ness is bothering me now.
  3. My kids don’t really go to school when they’re with me.
  4. I’m gaining weight. At 32 years old, my metabolism rate is failing on me.
  5. Goal-wise, 2020 is a good year. Checked the boxes for few things. 1) fixed my house to rent it out, and moved to a simpler place 2) learned new skills (guitar bass and public speaking) 3) Read 26/26++ books this year (include audiobooks) 4) updated my wardrobe with sustainable clothes (read: bundle from Shopee Live). 5) traveled and went to places with my kids (staycation, day trips & business trip). Left to be checked are 1) to get married, 2) to exercise at least once a week, 3) tarbiyyah goals, which I rather not say, and 4) to have consistent content across platforms (I mean personal content, and not for the company I’m working)

I pretty much get what I’ve wished for last year, which are to work at/from home and always have my kids around. Though they happen in a very unpredicted circumstance, I am still very grateful. Also, I am feeling a lot better emotionally, mentally, spiritually, as well as financially. The only concern for me now is my physical state, and I’m working on it.

That’s all for now. Talk to you guys later.

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