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Hello again, three things

Hello, blogosphere?

How are you? It’s been long. Yeah.

I stayed up on Youtube until almost 5:00 in the morning yesterday (or this morning) and got really inspired to.. create. Yes to create (like always). Being inspired – that, always happen.

A’ishah, the easily inspired.

The easily distracted. The seasonal addict, obsess-er, or passionat-er. (I bet there are better words for those, but for now just pardon my English)

I’m sorry that I’m not gonna give you any value or info in this post. I just wanna say to myself, for myself. For once, please finish the f-ing poetry book. Please start the f-ing Vlog channel you always want to do. Write the f-ing blog.

I watched too much GaryVee to associate f-word with motivational talk. If you’re his fan, you know what I mean.

But writing those down makes me realize, it’s not too much that I’m dreaming of.

  1. Poetry book

  2. Vlog channel

  3. Blog

Oh my God A’ishah. Just get ’em done already.

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