Finally Self-Hosted

Yeay, I finally took the plunge to migrate from Blogger to and getting myself self-hosted. It feels so good to finally do it. I’ve been blogging for almost a decade now and I’ve already heard about self hosting quite a while but too scared to jump into it. I always thought, what if I’m not so serious about this and all the cost and effort would just be a waste.

But, it makes me realized that I never really went all out in ANY things that I’ve done. The fact that I really love writing and still hesitate to do the best for this blog, left me feeling unfulfilled.

It takes me more than a week to go through my blog post in Blogger, successfully downsized from 600+ to 45 posts, then bought a new domain and hosting, and finally proceed with the installation and migration.

It was pretty overwhelming but it’s not so hard as I thought it would be all this while. I did a lot of reading to understand how things work i.e. installation, dashboard interface, storage, bandwidth, plug-ins, and the most exciting but time-consuming, playing with the theme. Though the final look of it as you can see, is really, just very plain.

Yes, I was actually just tweaking a free theme, but it was quite hard because I need to hack certain things that can’t be customized (unless or until you buy the PRO version of it) I literally ‘yahooo!’ everytime I got the CSS Selector right and the elements successfully appear in the customizer. Super awesome! Just saved myself 200myr because I’ve told myself earlier that, if I can’t be satisfied by Monday, I’ll just buy a theme from Etsy and pay someone to edit and tweak it for me.

And so, this in the first post typed from this dashboard, welcome on board.

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