If minimalism can do one thing to us, it is to reduce possession and increase experience. As we no longer use our resources (time, money, space and energy) to acquire stuff, we’re using them for – experience.

Here is the list of experiences I’ve gained from giving less focus on dumb shit.

The experience of:-

  • taking extended unpaid leave after 5-6 years working (last year)
  • working at home – freelance writing, social media marketing and
  • hijab modelling
  • giving speech on minimalism – TedX, The Star WOW Fiesta, and MyCorps (humanitarian event)
  • publishing my book on Amazon and Kindle
  • performing spoken word poetry
  • reading a book a week
  • being totally disconnected from social media for a week straight (whenever I need to reset and recharge)
  • more mindfulness and doing nothing
  • more travelling – either solo, with partner, with or without my kids

While these are not particularly ‘experiences’ per se but rather, revelations:-

  • stop doing things that I don’t like, and taking in more of the things that I love, i.e. writing, designing and art stuff
  • being wrong so many times as I tried things that I was afraid before (and also feeling okay to be wrong and wronged)
  • better gratitude, which often snowball to happiness and attraction of more good things into my life. It’s not that my days are always happy and perfect, but I observe that my thought patterns incline towards positivity
  • rapid self-growth when I no longer care about my external and what other people say about me

and many more!

Minimalism helps me to create focus around things/people/causes that are important and meaningful to me, and for that, I’m happy and grateful.

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