Every Mistake Is a Learning Experience

The guilt, the shame and the burden of consequences; mistakes are just inevitably painful. We thought we’ve tried our best but we failed. We felt like burying our face into the ground and never had to say anything about it.

I know how it feels. The road is always bumpy, I always thought that it must be something wrong with me – a fall after another and wondered why does everyone have it smoother? Can I hide now? Can I just stay in my room and not touch anything, afraid that I’d break everything that comes near me. It was just a mistake and I treated my whole life like a failure. At least, that’s how I felt before.

However, whether it’s just stupid, complex or unavoidable mistakes, it is important for us to learn from them. They didn’t happen just to make us feel and look bad. In fact, making mistakes is a crucial element for growth. What we hardly realize about falling and falling is that we have the opportunity to rise from every fall, and rising is a very powerful verb.

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something (Neil Gaiman)

How to learn from your mistakes (5 steps)

1. Accept your mistake

This is going to be hard depending on your self-ego but the first thing to learn from a mistake is to admit it. No other way.

Then, forgive yourself. Apologize if it affects other people. Trust me, you need it more than the people you’ve affected. Wipe away the guilt and embrace the past.

Apologizing is an open language, it’s a humbling act and it encourages improvements from yourself and others.

2. Avoid justifying

Even though it’s a shared mistake with another party, avoid blaming other people or situation. Owning a mistake makes you more respectable and give you the power within yourself to be better.

3. Investigate to understand the cause

Mistakes are never intentional, nobody wants to fail their own effort. So, ask questions. Listen. Identify what is the cause of the mistake to avoid repeating it.

4. Make a plan

By understanding the situation and identifying the root cause, make a plan to fix the damages. More importantly, have safety measures lined up to avoid the same mistake to happen again.

5. Move on

Dwelling on your mistake too long affect your self-esteem and motivation to strive. It’s not worth it to spend time and emotion on things that we couldn’t change.

Stop thinking about what other people think about you and always focus on improving yourself and your life. After all, nobody’s perfect. Move on and live your most beautiful life.

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