Endless Rat Race

White collar lab rats

White fur, red eyes and fragile limbs – lab rats race through a maze to get the “cheese”.

“It feels like a rat race at the office these days,” I texted a good friend despite knowing not everyone will have the same perspective. I used to be insecure about having this feeling, afraid that I seem not fit in my working environment. Although however, it’s not necessarily ‘work’ that falls under this category. To some people, it’s perhaps relationship or commitment.

“What’s a rat race, babe?” My friend asked.

Exhausting and repetitive

Unless you have the passion for the work you do, rat race means a way of life in which people are caught up in a fiercely competitive struggle for wealth or power (dictionary.com)

It’s the term used to describe a frustrating financial lifestyle. Straightforwardly, it’s the consuming job you can’t leave due to your heavy commitment. Those who commit themselves to a rat race are often too stressful about it and end up spending more, digging into the same hole. It gets bigger, worse and inescapable.

This dead-end is the combination of comfort, fear of poorness and horrible spending habits versus inner deep calling that wants out. That’s a very tough and messy mind game; endless and self-defeating, to an extent it can be pointless.

Identifying our deep clutters

Eventually, I know I have to stop caring about what other people think about this and start to engage and understand my inner self. Everyone is different and unique. Everyone has different priority.

As for me, what I’m having on my plate feels like the rat race lately. You might feel differently especially if you do love where you are now. We all have different kind of clutter and excessive stuff are only the shallow part of it.

Our deep clutters often revolve around our belief that certain thing is a standard – our shoulds and have-to’s – we stop being creative.

My house should be clean all the time

I have to stay here and commute one hour daily to work

I should work here for two years

just for examples. Imagine how freeing it is to lift up the standard and live our own well-defined and curated life.

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